8 Silly Excuses For Not Playing Hockey Anymore


Do you remember playing hockey at school? Do you remember loving it and having so much fun? If yes, why aren't you playing any more?

Here are some of the responses we hear and why we think they're rubbish.

"I'm soooo unfit!"

Well, do something about it and the hockey pitch is as good a place to start as any. Regular training and weekly matches mean your fitness will increase really quickly.

“I don’t know the rules” 

Neither do most of the players! And they change yearly so chances are you won’t be alone. Plus, they really aren't that tricky to learn and there’s no need to have a full understanding of them before you get on the pitch (sorry umpires).

“I haven’t got a stick” 

Most clubs will be more than happy to lend you a stick for the first few weeks until you feel ready to commit. Other gear you need are shin pads and a gum shield, both of which can be picked up very cheaply at any sports shop.

“I've got kids now"

All the more reason to get some time to yourself! Training is usually in the evening so kids can be tucked up in bed while you are out exercising in the fresh air and then you can bring them with you to weekend matches - all teams need supporters!

“I’ll be rubbish” 

As with the fitness, get back on the pitch and you’ll soon improve. I promise you, you will not get any better at hockey by watching Game of Thrones!

“I haven’t got time” 

Look around a find a club that matches your level of commitment. If you want to train multiple times a week, play a game and do a pub crawl, there will be a club for you. If you can only make training once a month and play every few weeks, there will be a club for you too.

“What if no one talks to me”

Understandable. Everyone has that fear that they’ll turn up and it will be like a scene from Mean Girls. Most clubs WILL be friendly but to allay your fears, this is where Back to Hockey comes in. Clubs arrange training sessions especially for newbies/returners and you can guarantee there will be lots of friendly faces and fellow new starters. Problem solved!

“It’s been so long”

And it’s going to be even longer if you don’t start now. Most players at Bristol Ladies Hockey Club have had a gap, some longer than others, but 10 years is probably average. Don’t let it put you off!

If you agree to one or more then it's time you joined us! Go on, send us message.